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Meet our mermaids and other characters!

Click each image below to open each gallery for more pictures!

Kiara /



Mermaid Kiara is sweet and sparkly. She has a pink tail and golden hair.

Shimmer and Glimmer are twin mermaids. Their tails and hare shine in shades of green and purple.




Meet our Arctic mermaid Glacia!
With her dazzling iridescent tail and ice-white hair, she is perfect for your winter wonderland  holiday party!



Mermaid Blaze is a is a friendly mermaid with a fiery red tail to match her feisty attitude.

Some of our mermaids can be upgraded to glow with LED Lights for evening events!




Our adventurous pirates make wonderful assistant companions to our mermaids, or be entertaining on their own!

Gltiz is an elegant mermaid with a luxurious golden tail.


Mermaid Aqua is a spirited ocean goddess with dreamy blue/green tail and accessories.




Our Pixies and Fairies can add charm and magical delight to your fantasy event!

Love our photos? Meet our amazing photographers:


  Ralph Clevenger             Peter Benke         Courtney Platt            Miguel Nunez & Fabiola Franco          Brandon Dusseau             Dylan Hirsch      

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